Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Funny

From Passive/Aggressive. Apparently someone tried to microwave ramen without water
Yep we could use some humor here. Such bad weather! Oliver's school district changed the policy of no school if windchill is below minus 15 to no school if it is minus 25 just in time for today: windchill minus 20.

There's a silly adage about there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. I noticed crampon marks on our sidewalk probably the postman's. Unfortunately I lack crampon running shoes. I almost fell just crossing the street yesterday as under a thin coat of snow was wet ice. I waited until the windchill was only zero, right before sunset, to run today. Fortunately at least the days are getting longer.

A few weeks ago, I made a photo calendar for Julie but it never came. The company, after some waiting, let me reorder it for free but didn't want it to be sent to the same address lest my neighborhood be filled with calendar thieves. What probably happened was my dyslexic postman delivered it to the wrong address, probably to those nasty kids next door, who couldn't be troubled to put it back in the mail. We get others mail, including the same kids' (5 young men who never have time to shovel their walk). Who hasn't heard of Ann Arbor? When I complained that I never got what I ordered, they asked if Ann Arbor were a rural community. Well I guess compared to the coast...

We got a visit this morning from Josh on his way to a bachelor party up north with his buddies. So in the last 2 weeks, he has gone to two parties in places even colder than Ann Arbor. This is a skiing bachelor party up in Boyne. I thought that by marrying Julie (who does not ski versus Julia who grew up partially in the Swiss Alps and thus skiied) I wouldn't have to worry about him breaking his neck. Julie will stay behind with the baby though we will relieve her for part of the day tomorrow.

Then later to Shanna's to see Tess and Daniel. Fun to watch their antics.

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