Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kouigns Amann

Shanna in Brittany (third from right in back row) 18 years ago. Sort of unfair the young get to go to
 exotic places before their moms do. She went to France for 3 weeks: two weeks traveling all over the place
and one week in a home stay
Or butter cakes in the Celtic language of Brittany pronounced something like 'queen yamman'. These were treats purchased from Trader Joe's and served during Shanna's visit the other day. A cross between puff pastry and a croissant tasty but sort of a pain to make.

Yesterday was NAAPID day. Don'tae  told Naomi she should be at Maya's school for this. She had no idea what it was..National African-American Parent Involvement Day. I reminded her that she was not African-American. She pointed out she was a mother of one.

We finally get our car back today, Yay! Naomi's car was clipped by a driver not paying attention. The damage looked minor but ended up costing $4500. Fortunately he admitted he was at fault and went down to the police station with Naomi to admit this. But due to a zillion other accidents, body shops and insurance adjusters are backed up. Not helping at all is our incompetent agent who failed to tell us that it DID matter what shop we took it to and didn't think it important to get a police report (it is if you need to figure out whose fault it is). In Michigan, we have 'no-fault- insurance which presumably limits lawsuits. But it does have a provision for recovering your deductible for physical damage if you are NOT at fault with something known as a minitort, which we have filed. It will take another 2 weeks to recover that. Meanwhile Naomi has been driving one of our cars. She had rental coverage but few places rent to those under 25. The place that does tried to cheat us last time.

I gave BC yoga another try yesterday. One of my LiveStrong classmates (young mom with Stage 4 BC) takes it and told me that the instructor finally agreed to slow down and do more restorative postures. Well in the beginning, we started off slow, too slow with concentrating on a triangle below our nose for about ten long minutes but then it was back to do this then this then this, impossible for me to follow and given my extreme inflexibility, impossible for me to do even in slow motion. I modified this considerably and tried to derive some benefit. Maybe I will get better but I will miss the class for a while due to travel and an appointment. I talked to the young mom for a while after class. Cancer has hit her family very hard. Right before she was diagnosed, she had lost her mom(my age!!!) to primary brain lymphoma, a rare awful disease that has affected our family too. And there was another classmate who recently finished treatment for TNBC. I gave her some good references.

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