Tuesday, February 4, 2014


One of my clematis vines from warmer days past

My other clematis and me. I think I am Shanna's age here. I had a purple one too.
I keep confusing the  birth  dates of two of my friends so last night I went on Facebook to check on whose birthdate is whose and my friend had disappeared! There is no sign of her anywhere, not even as her kids' friend. So either she has gotten off  FB all together or she specifically made herself invisible to me. Why?

So for my melantonin  experiment, I am starting out with 5 mg, the maximum dose according to the bottle though I know others take more. Still woke up in the middle of the night, though later and only for an hour. No scary dreams ( a side effect) though an annoying one in which I am on the clock to get dressed in under 5 minutes and I keep tangling my clothes and misplacing things and getting more frantic by the second.

There were two interesting studies reported today in the WSJ: one in which tumors grew faster in mice with interrupted sleep. (they were prodded repeatedly as they tried to sleep). The other in which there is significant shrinkage in brains of older adults with mild hearing loss thought to occur because their auditory process centers aren't stimulated. No word if using hearing aids will slow this down or reverse it.

And another big storm coming our way....

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Holly said...

How obnoxious! I had the same thing happen to me several months ago. I still have hurt feelings about it.


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