Thursday, June 6, 2013

Never get an iPhone!!!!!

Hate it! Hate it!

This evil device has erased all my contacts because I unloaded pictures to a computer that was not synched with iTunes. Was I warned that this will happen?No

Apple is Evil!!!!!!!!

Update: I was on the phone for an hour with Verizon who tried to get me my contacts back. Nice and patient as he was, he didn't know anything. He had me install some back-up assistant which sends a code that had a dash in it. Is there a dash on the keyboard? NO!!!!! Then it turns out I had to memorize a 6 digit number that flashes on the screen for a second. Nice system. But contacts.

Verizon has some blame in this in that they didn't warn us that all could be lost if I didn't put things on iCloud. Naomi has broken numerous phones but Verizon has always had her contacts. I didn't break this phone though I feel like it. Never again will I buy another Apple product.

I finally found my old phone missing a charger, chip and a battery. Not sure why Steve removed this stuff but eventually he came up with everything. After we charged the phone up, I could see that all the contacts were still in the phone. We took it to the Verizon store but they would not do it for free. The Apple Store tried to do it but didn't know how as my old phone was not their product. Shame on Apple and Shame on Verizon for poor customer service.

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