Friday, June 21, 2013

Cross State Runs

Yesterday morning, I started my run in DC and ran into Maryland to the Capital Crescent Trail. It was pretty but I had to go along a busy street for too long during rush hour. Today I will just park somewhere in Bethesda and eliminate the bad part.

I have run across state lines before, the first time actually crossing the border in the Detroit Free Press a marathon, which begins in Canada.

I also did A run that started in NJ crossing the George Washington bridge into NYC and just a training run from Illinois into Indiana and back.

It is nice here with a screened in patio to sit in with a nice breeze.

We took the subway downtown yesterday to eat in a nice French cafe, see the Renwick Gallery, and just sightsee. I haven't  figured
 how to extract my photos from iCloud so that will wait.
Cool Art Deco facade of downtown DC building

Bamboo Considered an invasive weed here

Capital Crescent trail

Golden Triangle  brownstones

Reswick Museum of arts and crafts

Ruskin the Swedish spitz: like Laika the doomed Russian spitz

where we hung out alot

Me in front of some white building

Dontae remembered this as that White tall thing. Now covered with scaffolding thanks to the earthquake

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