Saturday, June 22, 2013

Capital Crescent and beyond

Tunnel on the Captital Crescent

My friend and her grandbaby  So happy to see her

Ukrainian  Orthodox church

Ukrainian Particular Catholic church made with no nails It was supposed to be beautiful inside too
Instead of running along busy River Road, I drove to the Bethesda pool parking lot to begin my trail run on a rare not so humid morning. The Crescent Capital Trail is one of the busiest in the country connecting Maryland suburbs with Georgetown, DC. It goes through lush woods with streams not far off the path. If I could figure out how to pull photos out of iCloud , I would include them as I ran with my phone.  Soulmate was up when I returned so we had a nice breakfast chatting in his screened back porch. It has been very nice to reconnect with him in person. We do talk often by phone. We took his Swedish spitz, who has a striking resemblance to Laika the doomed Russian spitz sent into space by the Soviets back in the 50s, for a walk through another green space near the Slidwell Friends School that so many pols send their children to. During drop off times, lots of Secret Service cars.  I was tired as I got up at 5 am but since tomorrow I need to leave by 4 am, it is good practice.

How long does it take to go 25 miles in DC rush hour traffic?  Soulmate figured 2 hours. True it took 45 minutes for the first 10 miles but once I got on the rarely used toll road, no problem going pass where Josh's ex in laws live and where one of my original blogging friends probably lives. When I first started blogging, immediately Renee from Seattle, Kathy from Chicago, and Sharon from Olney MD formed an online support group. They have since moved on but here I am. So I ended up at my HS friend's place in Northern Montgomery county an hour early. I went to see two Ukrainian Churches, one made entirely of wooden staves. Very unusual. I could not get inside where it is allegedly quite striking.

I hadn't seen my friend since our 20 th HS reunion.  Naomi was a newborn then. Here she was with 2 adorable grand babies to watch.  We had fun reconnecting over dinner. Oh the trials of parenting difficult children! A special night. I figured I didn't  need a GPS to get back but I was wrong. Somehow while taking the River Road exit, I got shunted to some dark deserted parkway along the Potomac that seemed to have no exit from. I was tired and scared. Finally I was able to pull over, find the GPS that I threw somewhere in disgust as it no longer let's me input the letter "l" and my friend's name, city name, street name, and state name all contain this letter. I had to go there the old fashioned way, paper map, hard while driving alone. I actually wasn't too far off with my detour and found Mass Avenue.

My bike ride begins tomorrow so my readers will have to wait a while. No wifi in the wild.

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