Monday, June 17, 2013

Closing Day

She finally has grass. Wouldn't white wicker chairs look cool on her porch? Not what she had in mind though. She is thinking of painting the front door and some Adirondack  chairs to match. Purple? Turquoise? Salmon? Some salmon colored impatiens would look nice in the flower bed..when I get back.

What every girl needs before a bike ride..sparkly salmon nails in even a brighter shade than last time

Maya feeling her unborn cousin at the Father's Day BBQ
Shanna's house has taken longer to build than some of her pregnancies. But today, with the laying of the sod and painting of the columns (or 'ones' as Oliver called them), it was finally finished in time for the closing. So did we want Tessa or the boys for the day? As Steve would be dealing with them by himself for part of the day as I had a previous engagement with some of my work buddies, I let him chose. Later, in the sweltering heat and humidity, I took both of them in The Prowler. Nothing like an extra hundred pounds of kids plus trailer to get a workout going up the minor hills in our neighborhood. We went to the playgrounds at Shanna's former school, a thrill for the boys.

You'd think that with all the trips I have been on, packing would be a breeze but camping supplies add an extra level of complexity plus the space limitations. Hope I have everything planned for....

At any rate, I have one more day to fret.

I got a break yesterday morning as rain was forecasted  for my big training ride. But it came through early. I have 435 miles this year of riding under my belt so I should be fine. I don't ride until Sunday morning. I leave Wednesday to go to DC to see friends.

Josh had a BBQ for Steve and Julie's dad, whom I had  not met before. A very nice man with reddish hair. Could their little girl be a redhead? 14.5 weeks to go.

A very nice day.

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