Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lost and found

I wrote recently of a friend who I lost touch with and although I have seen her, she hadn't acknowledged me crushing my fragile ego but then she just asked me to be her Facebook friend out of the blue.

But today, my best friend in high school who I haven't seen since our 20th reunion contacted me. She just happens to have the same common last name  as the friend in the first paragraph, one of those top 5 in the country names. I never even tried to find her because of her name, and worst, she married someone with another top 5 name. Even better, she lives in a DC suburb. I will be there in a bit more than a week to stay with my college buddy Soulmate before my big bike ride. Maybe I can see her too?

So cool.

The forecast called for rain all today. But it didn't happen so I was able to do the big bike ride. I think I am much stronger than last year even though there is still too much of me to haul up hills. Fortunately rail-trails don't have a grade any more than a train could handle.

Then Josh and Julie came over to discuss their baby registry and what might they get from my daughters. Julie is slightly more than 24 weeks. Since all their house issues are settled, she is concentrating on the baby. I think I got my act together sometime in the 9th month.

Those pesky rabbits!!!!! I've always had a few but usually they left my good plants alone. No more lilies, no carnations, no edelweiss.. Maya is thrilled to see them though.

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