Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Own Private Vegas

One of the things I accomplished yesterday was to organize my patio a bit more. But some of my solar lights seemed to be missing...
I asked Steve whether he had seen a particular light and he confessed to breaking it. Now Dear Reader he already broke two others earlier in the season sending me off on a solar light spending spree. Why didn't he tell me especially as I can reuse the top of the light? He figured I had so many I  would not miss it.

It looks like Vegas as it is, he snarled.

Well why didn't he man up and admit it or at least replace it. He said he would buy me another. Well he said that about the last ones and never did.

Repeat after me,

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.

My solar grass flashes which does lend a cheesy Vegas look to it all though I think I can turn the flashers off. But I like my lights. It is my own W-O-N-D-E-R-L-A-N-D.

I sat out there late into the cool night sipping Pomaceous (an artisanal apple brandy I bought somewhere up north) watching the antics of my flock of hummingbirds though hummingbirds do not flock, they fight when together. I have 4 at least. The 2 females look quite different, one having white tail feathers. The two males look identical but one is clearly dominant. While one waited patiently waited his turn on a solar light wire right next to me, the other took its time on the feeder and flew off eventually. But as soon as the other male tried to have a drink, it was back in a flash driving the second male away. The males don't try to drive the females off. During the day, the feeder is all theirs.

Above me was my flock of chimney swifts twittering  non-stop to each other as they hunted. Fortunately they no longer live in my chimney. They twitter non-stop too as they roost clinging to the insides of the chimney with their grappling hook claws. I have been too lazy to put a screen over the chimney but they are avoiding it now anyway. Maybe it is now too dirty for them.

And today, my special bird treat was to see a Baltimore Oriole while I was biking.

In a few minutes, Shanna will take me out for a birthday lunch. It will be nice just the two of us.
I share a birthday with Queen Elizabeth but almost 2 months later, we are both celebrating  it.

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