Monday, June 3, 2013

Down on the farm

My friend has 3 free range hens that are good for 2-3 brown eggs a day. They are locked up at night

View from back deck 

A nice night to sip margaritas while looking at wild life
We had our Mom's night last night. The babies will be turning 34 this summer. Among we 5 moms, we have 10 kids and 7 grand kids with 2 more on the way. A nice night for sharing and eating wonderful shrimp-crab enchiladas. The wild blueberry clafouti went caflooty. I had used Julia Childs' recipe for cherry clafouti, the traditional kind, thinking substituting blueberries wouldn't change things too much and I also used a deeper pan. this thing took forever to bake. The top was mushy, the bottom burnt. I was quite embarrassed. It tasted all right though and it wasn't like we had a lack of food there or wine or other drinks.

Nice and cool here. My hip is still a bit sore but after 5 minutes of running, I don't notice it anymore.

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