Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer scenes

Morning glories amongst the petunias. Yeah I killed quite a bit of these. The Japanese beetles eat them before they move on to the other flowers so I kept a few.

Wall of impatiens and black-eyed Susans
Sunflowers from a friend

The only zinnia that bloomed. Must start earlier next year

Little purple bells. Not sure what the plant is called
Hummingbird wars: I love to sit on the patio and watch their antics. So much energy is devoted to making sure the other doesn't get to drink in peace. I have at least 3 of them. The alpha bird is the smallest and has a very dark head.

The pool: Playing with Maya in the water and listening to her chortle with glee

Prowler rides: That's the trade name of the bicycle trailer I bought. Sort of a sinister name. Reminds me way back when  my then friend asked her mom what 'horny' meant. The mom thought for a bit and finally said it means one is on the prowl.
I gave each grand child (not Tess) a couple of rides this week. Today each boy got his chance to explore a playground with me.

Bicycle rides: We had some cool, calm days this week. I finally timed myself..I am getting faster. Hauling those kids around must help build muscles.

Farmer's Market: My friend and I went there very early Wednesday. We were introduced to new varieties this week: Moon and stars melon and bitter melon among others. Bellaire peaches were still available despite being told two weeks in a row that these were the very last. Got some skinny eggplant to make a ratatouille with and some fresh corn.

Runs: Cool weather is perfect for running. Yeah my heel still hurts but the endorphins block it out during the run.

Sitting on the Patio with Miss Tess: She looks all around at the flowers and the dappled light and falls asleep against me. She is almost 5 months old now. I've been blessed that I can see her grow.

Dinner with my son: I am so lucky to have him (and my daughters too). We get along so well. When there is just the two of us, we have very good heart to heart talks. His life is unsettled right now. Hoping for some resolution soon.

Happy Hour outside: Some tasty G&Ts with a good friend surrounded by flowers. Very nice!

Reptile Zoo outing: Already discussed.

That's been my week. Not exciting but satisfying. Life is good. 

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