Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dealing with pests

This summer, my hummingbird feeder has been plagued with ants and wasps. Solutions: a water moat that the ants have to cross to get to the feeder and shade, which discourages wasps.

For 2 months, we have had a collection agency call every other day. For our debts? No someone else's. You could swear up and down that you aren't the person they want but still they call. Solution? Threaten legal action.

I had a hard time getting going today. I put off running and the heat was rising. Finally I did it. Steve says: story time in a half hour. Rush through my shower, get Maya and take her there where Shanna and her three were. Naomi too busy to go but I think it is so important for Maya to listen to stories and be around others. Ended up having Maya for the day (finally! finally! went to sleep after throwing a series of temper tantrums that consist of her finding anything throwable and throwing them. We spent some time in the bad girl corner).

Had a triple workout yesterday. Could that be why I am tired? Ran 7 miles. Had yoga which centered on standing postures (double ugh as my heel hurts and I have no balance) and then Maya was with us. I rode around and around the neighborhood to amuse her in the Prowler.

All four kids were here this afternoon. Amusing but I was tired.

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