Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How do you like dem peaches?

It is peach season in our fair state. Peach blossoms occur well after the cherry blossoms so they were not destroyed by the early warmth then freeze. The lack of water has caused the peaches to be smaller but more flavorful. The most popular variety grown in Michigan is the Red Haven, a free stone peach meaning the flesh doesn't cling to the pit (as it does in cling peaches used for canning, horrible things). I had bought them at the Farmer's Market to make my Italian peaches (stuffed with amaretti). They always have several varieties there. I asked which would be best for eating? I bought the different kind, knew there will 'l's in the name and  I associated the name with a town I biked through once but I forgot the name. They were especially tasty, juicy with much peach flavor. I have been looking at peach web sites (who knew there were 2000 varieties?) trying to see if the names would ring a bell. None did.
So back to the market today. The mystery name is "Bellaire" a town in Northern Michigan that Naomi and I stayed in on a bike ride (good brew pub there). Bought more of these peaches (last week of them) and shared them with my homebound friend. I am so bad at names.

The last day of hotness for awhile. I biked on my own (getting faster...yay!) this morning. Then the grandkids came. I had promised them bike rides. Theoretically I could haul both of them at the same time but I need to get in better shape. A wind had meanwhile whipped up (east so we might get rain). The trailer just slows me down a little unless I am biking uphill against the wind. Oliver wondered why we had slowed down. I said it was hard to go up hills. He told me that he pedals harder to get up hill and I should just try that. I did have to downshift quite a bit. Meanwhile he was cheering me on Go Grandma, Go! as I struggled up the hill.

As for the title, the original expression concerns apples, not peaches. Someone was translating Good Will Hunting into French. This expression was used when Will was able to get Minnie Driver's number and he was rubbing it in a Harvard Jerk's face. They could not come up with a suitable translation.

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