Thursday, August 23, 2012

I am going to Hell...


 as in  Hell, Michigan
Home of the Dam Site Inn. The town where they used to have runs named When Hell Freezes Over and The Run through Hell and The Helluva Ride bike ride. I've done them all including the 60 mile relay Dances with Dirt (should be retitled Slithering through Poison Ivy).

One of Shanna's friends father has a place up there that we have been invited to go there tomorrow. I used to work with the parents. The friend was one of my Girl Scouts, now a mother of 4. Should be fun.

Yesterday I did my Farmer's Market run to buy fresh veggies and one more plant. A gentian. In Italy, they made the most vile apertivo ever with these flowers, Gentsia? According to the label (assuming I translated it right) gentians are protected wildflowers there but the manufacturer has its own patch so it is legal. The Italians seem to love bitter apertivi. I managed to drink the centerbe (100 herbs) without choking but the gentian one was beyond bitter.

Wednesdays are also my day to help my recovering friend get dressed. She has finally been cleared to drive so we practiced together yesterday. She will no longer be housebound but can not bend beyond a 90 degree angle making somethings impossible. Then my bike ride. No wind, which is the best situation (unless you can have a tailwind the entire time such as the hilly day of my ride to Gaylord).

Then cheap margaritas with the Moms. Yum.

Today I took Maya to an indoor playground. She can now climb up to use the big kid slides. She had a good time running around while her mom caught up on her sleep. No she didn't want to go with me.

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