Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sometimes being a Bitch pays...

Steve had quit his job more than 3 weeks ago. He had pointed out to them that there were 4 weeks of pay outstanding and of course 2 more weeks right before he quit. One of the missing pay periods was from early June. The bossman seemed suitably apologetic and promised to set things straight immediately but...didn't. Could the checks been delivered to the wrong address? They didn't come here. Again, after much prodding on my part, Steve e-mailed to inquire if the checks had been sent. No but they soon will be. Another week passed: Still no checks..Steve was getting annoyed but not enough to actually call the bossman up. I was very annoyed. I finally got a hold of bossman's e-mail and sent an email in angry caps. Subject line: Please pay Steve!!!!!!!!!
In the note, I reminded bossman that the chemistry community was small and it would not take long for word to get out that he has a habit of stiffing his employees. Within a half hour, I received an indignant reply how he would never stiff his employees and how well he treated Steve and how dare I insinuate otherwise.

Well then pay him like you said you would!!!!!! NOW!!!!!

Suffice it to say, the checks came within 2 days. Good for him because yesterday I had a good audience to spread the word. Lots of chemists...

I was a tad nervous informing Steve that I did this but as bossman had cc'd him, I had no choice but to fess up. Fortunately Steve wasn't as mad at me as I thought he would be. Who wants their wife to fight their battles? And what must this man think of me? Ms. Uberbitch. Not as bad as I think of someone who routinely makes people beg for their pay.

So In the Land of Falling Apart Bodies, my heel pain has come down from near ten to one or two. It hurt more in the morning. I didn't take the high dose ibuprofen today as it attacks my stomach lining. It doesn't hurt while at rest unlike classic cases of plantar fasciitis so maybe it is something else. Instead of running, I biked a my butt and arms take the brunt of my weight (too much as my left fingers are still numb). I will use a new pair of shoes once I get back to running even though the heel was very cushioned in the old ones (but not the toe..maybe that caused it some how). As for my fainting, I felt a bit weak Friday but was fine yesterday and today. Have no idea what went wrong.

Saw Josh for lunch. He went to a wedding with his new friend. Even though her parents have met him (and drove him to the wedding), I haven't got to meet her though she has asked.
Soon I am told.

Below are pictures of my friend and my grandbabies form the other day

There was an open house in our neighborhood that I went with Shanna and Ramy to see. This house hasn't been updated in 40 years but they still wanted a lot for it. And they might just get it. Suddenly our neighborhood seems to be very hot.

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