Saturday, August 11, 2012

Egrets? I have a few....

From Thurston Pond. Two of these are actually blue herons

Still waiting for the hen and chick to complete blossoming a month later

Purple and white cleome: so pretty but so stinky. Bugs never bother it.

Yesterday as Shanna and I were driving by a pond off the nearby expressway, I was amazed to find it full of hundreds of egrets. Egrets are not rare around here; the local pond usually has one or two along with a few herons. Last night I tried to get close to it from the road I routinely run and bike on. No luck. Options: wading through wetlands that are probably private property or stop along the shoulder.

This morning I found our local pond had much more than its usual quota of egrets..maybe  twenty? (couldn't get them in one shot). I tried to get closer by walking around the path (hope I don't pick up poison ivy). I need to go back with Steve's much better lens. New title? More egrets.

Why are they amassing? Getting ready to migrate? They make such unworldly vocalizations.

I learned in school that puns are the lowest form of humor. I don't agree. Lowest form? Anything involving Adam Sandler. Worst scene ever: he is bonding with a 6 year old boy that somehow he is saddled with. They learn they share a love of tripping roller bladers on a steep downhill in Central Park. Yep he ill make a good parent.

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