Monday, August 27, 2012

Science Education

From the blog Campanastan

One of the scarier aspects of Akin is that although he appears to be an uneducated moron, 
he actually has a degree in engineering. True, engineers do not have to take many biology 
classes so he might be forgiven for not knowing that women don't possess a kill switch to
 turn off fertilization at inopportune times. But he would need to have some grasp of 
scientific reasoning.

I thought my co-workers would have a certain level of scientific reasoning too given that
 they all possessed advanced degrees in science and our employer was known for only
 employing 'the best'. But all this education was thrown out the window during some of 
our lab arguments, the biggest one being whether gayness was an inherent or acquired 
trait. Does one actually chose gayness? To me, this defied all logic. One of my co-workers 
strongly objected to permitting a gay student speak at a high school 'diversity' day.

Even though the student's message was basically that he was a feeling, good person,
please don't beat me up, my co-worker deeply feared this was a 'recruitment' talk. 
When I told him that was utterly ridiculous, he told me that I didn't know what I was
 talking about and hinted that a close family member had been recruited and he certainly 
didn't want this happening to his son. I knew that I was getting no where by telling him 
that the family member was born that way (oh no! it's in his genes!). My other co-worker, 
whose religion strongly condemned gayness while stressing love the sinner, not the sin, 
agreed that gayness was probably inherent but people have a choice whether to act on it.
 Yeah they have a choice..

It is finally raining here. I can see that the storm sewers are overflowing. But it is finally
 cooler outside.

I did my usual long bike ride yesterday. I notice my foot doesn't hurt so much when I don't
 run but I really don't want to give it up. I had a nice lunch with Josh. Up for discussion:
 what does he really want in a woman? I tried to influence him as much as possible but 
in the end, it is up to him.

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Teri Bernstein said...

I am secretly a little gleeful that you are enjoying your pain-free bike rides. Iowa, here we come!!


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