Saturday, August 4, 2012

Plantar fasciitis

Just another installment of my continuing maladies.... Skip if you don't want to be treated to an organ recital.

Plantar fasciitis' chief symptom is heel pain. By yesterday evening, I could not put any weight on my right heel without being in terrible pain. I tried to walk near furniture so that I could put weight on that instead. The middle of the night was especially fun because I have urge issues that being only able to hop slowly and painfully to relieve just made my life that much more fun.

Why did this happen? How did this happen? I had no acute injury. My running shoes are especially padded on the heel. And with my new, weird style of running, I am no longer a heel striker but a toe striker (another pair of shoes to be thrown prematurely in the trash because I wore out the toes). I didn't even run yesterday. I took a 90 minute walk with my friend (I was afraid to run due to me passing out for no apparent reason the night before). I felt fine after the walk but a few hours later, the pain started to develop. This could be an overuse injury as I tried to make up all the running I missed while biking in a short period of time. High heel wearers are especially prone to this malady but it has been a while since I've worn heels. Typically the pain is worse in the morning and fades during the day. Fortunately this seems the case for me as I was actually able to walk (gasp!) this evening without wincing.

But this morning, I was feeling very upset. Running is more to me than mere exercise to tone my muscles and lose weight (not that it has done that). It calms me down. I am a much happier person after I run. I need those endorphins. What will happen if I can't run, much less walk as was the case this morning? This morning I just got on my bike instead. I did take some antiinflams so maybe they helped. By noon, the pain had lessened quite a bit. I am hoping that maybe this might be a one day thing. Stretching my calf muscles is supposed to help. A good friend has been plagued with this for a while. PF has not been much fun for her especially as walking is a good part of her occupation.

This afternoon, we went to Rasta Man's house on the West side of the state. He loves to throw big parties. Today's theme: Pig Roast (Steve took some disgusting pictures that I might include) with homemade beer and homemade ice cream. Lots of tasty sides supplied by the other guests. Some of my old colleagues were there. It was fun.


Anonymous said...

Cortisone shot in my foot by a podiatrist, took care of my plantar fasciitis. :)

Alli said...

Sue I so feel for you. One morning a few years ago I woke up was getting out of bed as I normally did when suddenly I had the worst pain in my heel!! Did I twist it, step down too hard. I had no idea. The mornings were excruitiating by mid day the pain was less. I was prescribed anti-inflammatories, someone suggested heating pads, Vitamin B and Potassium. The pain was so intense I wanted to cry in fact I did several times!! I did stretching exercises - that only aggrivated it more. My auntie who was in her 70's also had it. She went to a foot clinic, they devised some kind of night splint to support her heel. She was better. She gave me the splint to use at night, we wore the same shoe size and it was the same foot. Now I don't know if it was from using the splint. One day I woke no pain not even a hint!! It might be something to look into. I haven't had a repeat it's been 15 years....
Feel better. Love Alli xx


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