Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peppers and edelweiss

From the Farmer's Market this morning. The red is allegedly the sweetest

Geraniums in my front yard. I didn't buy these. I put clippings from a potted one (6 years old) into the ground and now they are full plants.

My edelweiss is doing especially well this year with different crops of blossoms. Next to it are my California poppies that aren't doing as well.

Pink cleome. Most of mine are white, some purple and just this one pink one.
Summer is disappearing fast. I do love the fall but it means my least favorite season is close behind. Evenings are cool so we watch the antics of the female hummingbirds trying to keep the feeder for just her use. Haven't seen the males in a while. Spent part of an afternoon with a friend on her patio with her pretty flowers and even a bigger flock of hummingbirds. Plus she has finch feeders with at least 3 yellow finches being regulars.

Took Ms. Maya to story time at the local library. What she wants to do most is wander around taking stuff out of others' diaper bags.

I was telling Siri last night what time to wake me up this morning. She typed back that I was not to wake her up too at that time. Even my phone has an attitude.

I did wake up early to take my friend to the market and to help her get some of her things on that surgery has made impossible. Although the drought has not been kind to farmers, especially the cherry and apple ones, peppers, eggplant, melons, tomatoes are doing especially fine.

A windless day, perfect for biking. I have been running too but on some mornings, my plantar fasciitis has made walking miserable. I have been doing special stretches that seem to be helping.

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