Friday, December 31, 2010

Year's End

New hat bought at Pike's Market

Pictured above was our surprise of 2010. Maya will be 6 months tomorrow; it has been fun watching her grow. I was quite upset when I learned that Naomi was pregnant as it is very hard to be a student or work with a little one at home.Teenage pregnancy seems like a ticket to perpetual poverty. Naomi has been a good mom. She plans to nurse Maya until she is a year old so she'll have the best start that she can.

Our family all seems to be in good health and cancer free though one member had a trying year with a recurrence. He seems to be winning. My step-grandmother Jeannette died in February not too long before her 91st birthday.

Last night I slept for 12 hours straight, a miracle. I do remember a funny dream. I was with Shanna and her 3 sons. Three boys, where did the third come from? I couldn't remember and I knew Shanna would be pissed if I asked her because she'd accuse me of not caring enough to keep track of their births. the mystery boy's name was Sandy, which I also thought was silly. He seemed to be right in between Oliver and Daniel in age though all the boys seemed to be about 3 in the dream. In the dream I kept planning to ask questions that wouldn't show that I was a total idiot for forgetting about Sandy.

It is Seattle-like here today. Almost 50 though there still seems to be some ice. I had refrained from running for the past 2 days due to my cold and fatigue but I set out today thinking I could always stop if it got too hard. I did fine. It is a mild cold though my voice is now very husky.

But to all of you in blog sphere, Happy New Year!


Kathy;Chris said...

Your trip description and photos are lovely. I recall you mentioning the geoducks in the past- it is good(I guess)to finally know what they look like.

Happy New Year Sue!

Holly said...

Happy New Year dear Sue - I, too, am glad that we had the chance to become 'in person' friends as well as blogosphere friends....sending love and all good wishes for 2011


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