Friday, December 17, 2010

Buche de Noel

The buche with marzipan leaves and berries

Naomi's tree

Gift bags for the Moms with my anniversary flowers

Ms. Maya sucking her lips. She's licking the peaches off of them.

Tonight is our Mom's Holiday party. As I am the dessert lady, unless it is at my house, I made a special Buche de Noel aka Yule log. I am getting better at it: this time the sponge cake didn't crack as I was trying to roll it. I made some Russian tea cakes to look like snowballs surronding the log.

Since I didn't have a lot of time today, I tried to run outside rather than go to the Y which takes about a half hour of commuting time. I found one clear stretch of pavement, what a luxury. This stuff won't melt any time soon.

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Holly said...

you "buche" looks great...i'll include a picture of mine when i make it....

ps - i read your blog every day...even when i don't comment!!


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