Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Quotidian Life

Quotidian is one of those words that sound way better than what it means. I awake after a usually fitfull sleep around 7. This morning I awoke to the rare sound of a snow plow. We had an inch fall overnight and this was the  first time a snowplow came any where near here. The 5 inches we had 10 days ago have solidified to ice on our streets. Mornings are most hopeful: a new day! Steve makes coffee; I sip it as I pore through the Internet. I do not eat as I want nothing to interfere with my drugs I take upon arising, particularly the Synthroid. I had made myself hypothyroid in the past by gobbling calcium pills. I do a killer sudoku, which get progressively harder as the week progresses, easy, moderate, difficult, extreme, outrageous, mind-bending. Although I can do most of the outrageous ones, I've yet to complete a mind-bending one. I used to do the London Times ones too although their most difficult translate into a moderate on the site I use. I would do these things all day if given a chance but I try to limit myself to one. If I am particularly stressed, I might do two. It blocks my negative thoughts concentrating on logic puzzles. What I most would like to do is go out the door and run. The weather lately has not been good. I really don't care about the cold but ice....I go to the Y if the weather is bad. I take the microcar, easier to park and I listen to my Sirius radio turned up full blast with no one to whine about it. I ran a 10K on the track today but I needed to stop twice for water. I drench my t-shirt thoroughly as a crude air conditioning unit but it is so dry in there, the shirt dries out before I have run a mile. I lifted some weights too today, a double workout to make up for my sloth of yesterday in which my trip to the dentist was the highlight. No cavities! I read the paper and I write in my blog. I have various magazine subscriptions. I really don't watch much TV. Naomi and Maya are over several times a week. Maya becomes more interesting as she grows. She is using her hands much more though she usually misses grabbing onto things on the first attempt. In the evenings, I talk to friends or family or visit someone. It is the nights I dislike. I fall asleep promptly but many times around 2, I awake and think obsessive thoughts: what am I going to do about this and that. I try to read or do puzzles, anything to get my mind off of certain topics. What do I read? Anything. Aside from Olive Kitteridge, I reread The Poisonwood Bible lately. So, so good. I was reading Love in the Time of Cholera but it has disappeared. Josh gave me his favorite fantasy books for X-mas and already is bugging me if I have read them yet so I better get cracking. He and Julia took off this morning to go to Maryland and already are there. I end up getting very little sleep but usually I am not tired during the day. The other night, I finally crashed at about 7 pm. A whole weekend on about 6 hours total sleep apparently isn't enough.

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Holly said...

wow - so much activity for the body and in the need to sleep more i think...


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