Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Very old X-mas picture of my then toddlers
To my friends and family: A cancer-free  and joyful coming year!


Holly said...

amen, amen!!

Teri Bernstein said...

Indeed! My two girls were over this evening in my new place...Molly and I made a quiche for a small brunch I am having tomorrow for my Starbucks friends (heaven forfend! Starbucks is closed on Christmas!)...and then we played Scrabble. All so wonderful. The whole family will be over for dinner tomorrow. A day of cooking, and greeting, and giving small presents...What a blessing....
On a sadder of my Starbucks friends will be represented by his spouse, taking home a plate to Hugh, who is too weak to venture out. Pancreatic cancer has spread. We are so powerless in the face of an arbitrary and random disease! Forever I will remember the six foot and a quarter Hugh bicycling through the neighborhood, grinning, on top of everything.
All right, I am shutting up now...I forgot: This is YOUR blog. LOVE and Great wishes to you and your family, particularly the dear to us in CA Maya and Naomi...and Shanna back in the day...having seen them on our own turf.


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