Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kubota Gardens

Entrance to Gardens
It was 37 deg out!

Two of the nephews at the Thai restaurant

The 3 kids and their mom

We drove through flurries to the Kubota Gardens in South Seattle yesterday but fortunately the sun peaked out again by the time we got there. Who goes to gardens in the dead of winter? There were no flowers but there was plenty of color in these Japanese gardens with the varying colors of trees. There are waterfalls, rock gardens, ponds, steep hillsides, lots of moss and lichens, a belly dancer.... There was a Douglas fir there that was unbelievably tall. There was a sign in the parking lot that this was a high theft area but aside from the belly dancer and her photographers, we were the only ones on their lush trails. I can see many rhododendrons and azaleas so this place must be especially pretty in the spring. The place was far greener than any place in Michigan this time of year. I was looking for their Stellar Jays, which are supposed to frequent the area, much prettier than the Eastern blue jays but they were hiding.

We left as it began to rain/snow again to have Thai. I had my favorite coconut milk  ginger curry soup full of tofu and vegetables. So soothing to my somewhat raw throat. We visited Grandma Terry one more time. She is adjusting well to Seattle.

It was my nephew's 15th birthday which the nine of us celebrated over pasta puttanesca and a tiramisu cake.

Even though it was sunny in the afternoon, there was snow on the ground around the airport. The ramp leading up to the rental car place was icy. Our plane didn't leave until after midnight but we waited in the lounge sipping wine, at least I did, so it wasn't too bad. I think I did sleep most of the way back. I hadn't gotten much sleep during my stay. As predicted, the roads were glare ice when we landed. Julia waited a while before picking us up. There were numerous cars off the road. Our driveway was a sheet of ice which thankfully has since melted.

Now to return to normal..
I have added pictures to my last 3 or so entries. I might add more when I am more rested.


Renee said...

Hello? Hello?

Yes I am bad for not staying on top of everyone's blogs. But, Sue, do you know where I live (said with hands on hips and a smile on face)?

I live about 30 minutes south of Seattle in a little town called Auburn. I would love to meet up with you for coffee next time you fly to the glorious state of Washington!

So sorry you were here during our weird weather. Snow, sun, winds, rain, more snow.

I'll read more of your blog, but looks like you had a good time here?

Hope all is well for you, my friend.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Yes Renee, I did think of you. But it was X-mas and a very short visit. I promise I'll contact you in advance when we return. It would be fun to meet you in person.


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