Monday, December 13, 2010


Today is Steve and my 33th anniversary. It some ways it seems like yesterday and other ways, so long ago. I received beautiful pink roses and we went out to eat. Next year, I hope we celebrate big time but this year, we are not in the mood.

I resorted to running indoors today as it is brutally cold and windy out there plus the roads are very slippery...

Naomi did not want to take the baby out so we visited them for a while. She gets monthly visits alternating between a social worker and a nurse. The social worker evaluated Maya's tricks today. She is either at age level or above for some of the skills. Maya is very adorable and social. I know I whined big time when I found out Naomi was pregnant and it does make things difficult but I do enjoy watching her grow up.


Shanna said...

I thought it was 33. Anyway, I'm glad that you two got together, my existence depended upon it.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Well of course you are right. Time flies and I lose track. Ones existence depends on so many ifs doesn't it.
Love Mom

Holly said...

congratulations to you and Steve....33 years together is something of which to be proud!


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