Friday, December 10, 2010


Naomi woke up to a medical emergency yesterday. Her boyfriend had already gone to work but his sister had spent the night. She seemed to be in terrible pain. Naomi was not sure what was going on but knew the sister had a few medical conditions that might explain her distress. She has been in and out of hospitals despite being younger than Naomi. Naomi called 911 as she didn't think she could get the sister to the ER herself and Maya was still sleeping. As it turned out, the sister arrived at the hospital right before something was going to burst; any more of a delay and Naomi would truly have a life threatening situation on her hands. She had to have a surgical intervention and still is in the hospital.

We made pizzelles yesterday. I will bring some over to Shanna's MIL who has been thoughtfully providing me with hummus and Syrian rice pudding. I have decided not to put up a tree this year as most of my children will not be here for X-mas. Naomi did get a tree and she will borrow some of my many ornaments so that will be 'our' tree. Next year, maybe we all could be together.

We had a Mom's night out. First stop: Happy Hour followed by a movie, Burlesque. Predictable and inane  plot and so-so acting but great music and dancing. Very entertaining and I had no idea that Christina could sing. All and all, a very enjoyable evening! Usually I zip from place to place on the freeways but I drove through town last night admiring all the X-mas lights.

Ugh! More snow. In a few hours, assuming the snow hasn't gotten worse, I will visit my Italian roommate: la mia compagna di stanza. In our first lesson in Italian 110, we were to describe our roommates in italiano, per favore.We all had roommates, even those of us who haven't had ones in 35 years although I guess you could call Steve a roommate. La mia compagna di stanza รจ molto gentile e bassa. Ha gli occhi e capelli castani.We all said stuff like that.

I had wanted to run before going there but too slippery. It will be warm later is I have time. I probably need a break anyway.

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