Monday, December 27, 2010

A hike through the green

The Salmon slide

I dislike the drabness of winter so it was wonderful to actually see green today. We hiked through the woods around Carkeed Park which are a series of bluffs overlooking Puget Sound. There are no leaves on the trees but it is so damp here, everything is covered with moss. Most of the greenery is due to the enormous ferns which apparently stay green all winter. There were signs warning us not to disturb the marine mammels but sadly, I saw no seals or sea lions. I looked through the tide pools hoping to see life but maybe everything disappears in the winter. At Green Lake Park, there are plenty of exotic ducks that I want to identify.

It is officially my sister-in-law's birthday today.Her step-sons are staying here this week along with her son so we definitely have a full house. Their mom was here last night too.

We had an An Original Pancake House breakfast this good.

The three siblings all have young adult children who each have unique challenges. How do we encourage independence? How much is enabling? Is gratitude too much to ask for? We want so much for our kids but it is so challenging sometimes. We've had numerous discussions concerning these issues.

We chillaxed in a bakery and bookstore after the drizzle cut our hike short. Onto a fancy birthday dinner tonight. Josh and Julia safely navigated their way back to Michigan today. The kids in NYC and Boston are facing walls of snow.
Father and son share a pensive moment

All the Mxxxxx boys

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