Saturday, December 11, 2010

La mia compagna di stanza italiana

The white building is the church attached to the monastery in Gagliano

This was one of the larger streets in Gagliano. Although the town had only 300 people in it, it once had 3000 so there were plenty of buildings. Somehow I got lost a few times in these mazes.

More typical width of the paths. You can barely see them but over the path are some drying racks. No one has clothes dryers. With the low humidity and high heat, things dried very quickly. We kept a drying rack in our room for things we didn't want the world to see. (see below)
The cloister of the monastery. My Italian teacher stands in the doorway. JP, recognize anyone here?
Some where in the middle of these pictures is our humble room in the monastery where 4 of us slept. My bed is next to the window. I still am having trouble with the picture editor. .

Italians put definite articles in front of most possessive pronouns, a strange concept for this English speaker plus it seems unique to Italian. The my friend sounds so weird.

Yesterday, I visited one of my roommates that I had living in the monastery back in Gagliano  more than 2 years ago. Many sad things happened to both of us since our return though much more so for her. It was a mini Italian reunion. We went to a nice Italian restaurant where I had covatelli bolognese with chianti, amaretto at her home and we looked over her photos of the trip. Whereas I had concentrated more on the scenery, she concentrated on the people. It was fun remembering the people we encountered. In my files I hardly have any of these pictures.

My car thermometer said it was 43 when I was in her northern suburb. Certainly I could get a short run when I returned. But black ice! I couldn't even see it. I am waiting impatiently for it to melt as I type.

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