Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where is South Dakota?

Looks like the moon
We were in S. Dakota (1988-Badlands with Steve, Shanna 9, and Josh 6.)

According to my stat counter, my 20,000 visitor logged on in the middle of last night. Either it was someone from Sydney, Australia interested in Alzheimer's Disease or someone from Chelmsford, MA wanting to know about donkey stew. Donkey stew seems to be the number one non-cancer related page visited. No I don't have a recipe for donkey stew, sorry folks! It was on the menu in a restaurant in Stresa, Italy specializing in Piedmont cuisine. In the same post, I wrote about the horse baby food (that is food made from horses for human babies) on the shelf in the local store. When traveling, I try to compare and contrast cultures, this is what I find interesting about life.

Aside from the  stat counter, I have a flag counter that only shows where a hit is from, no other information. According to that, I have had  visitors from 85 different countries, 50 states, and 11 Canadian provinces. I kept track of countries on paper before I installed that app so my total is close to 130.

So which state hasn't visited me? (Washington DC is considered a state for these purposes and I have several readers from there)
 South Dakota!
Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, and Delaware finally had found me in the last few months. In 1988, our family spent most of a week there on our way to Yellowstone. We followed the trail of Laura Ingalls Wilder from the Little House on the... a series that Shanna enjoyed at the time. We visited the Corn Palace in Mitchell. A day and night was spent in the Badlands.To escape the oppressive heat, I got up as the sun was rising to run through that beautiful, stark landscape. We then spent a couple days in the Black Hills visiting Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave, Hot Springs, and Custer State Park.

As for Canada, I am missing Prince Edward Island and that First Nation land..Nunavit?. I have had visitors from the Yukon and the Northwest territories. (The term "native Americans" isn't used in Canada)

And blogger has installed its own stats which analyzes stats differently from the other two. According to it, Stat counter isn't picking up some of my hits. And I got a hit today that wasn't on any of the counters but I know it's there.

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