Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to Boston

Although there is a fringe of brown hair at the nape of her neck, her new hair coming in looks reddish

Shanna and the boys are on the plane to Boston. We will see them at X-mas. Now the glass knick knacks can be put back in their places and the level of chaos will go down.

Shanna and I did get some just mom and daughter time today which I treasure; a trip to Canton where the cheap eye brow threading is done, a steak lunch, and homemade Indian cardamom ice cream (they were out of anjeer or fig, my favorite).

Steve didn't get home until close to midnight. The number of ballots tallied did not equal the number of voters so no one went home until that was settled. Almost an 18 h day for him with just one break.
So now back to normal here. While Steve was at the airport, I had Maya duty. She is becoming so much more interactive. I will try to load a video in which she speaks or at least tries to.

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