Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ups and downs

Upside: Thanksgiving with the entire family
Downside: No Christmas with them


Teri Bernstein said...

Thank you for running through the example...I was baffled by the 15% answer...

BTW I am at UC Davis, and I just had Co-op Thanksgiving with The Divine Ms M. and her cohorts...I will be leaving my van and flying back so that M can drive down on Thxgvg Day.
Enjoy! BTW...I have a great, fun recipe for a savory stuffed small (3 lb) punkin. Version 1: vegan and yummy
Version 2 creamy and yummy.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

See how the Man of the House would answer. Also see my answer to your previous comment about coming in January. Please, please come here!


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