Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

Somehow it was hard to get excited about this election. We received more robocalls than usual. Steve is an election official so he was out of here sometime around 5:30 am. He might not get home until 11 pm. I took the training to be an official myself to work the national election but then I got cancer. Now I figure one of us should be available for Maya sitting.Despite theoretically having 3 cars (4 if you include Dontae's..we are holding the title while he pays us off with a less usurious rate than what he had been paying), I was left carless as Naomi uses one, Shanna has another for her visit and Steve needed one too.

Fortunately it was not raining. I walked to the school (voting place)settling once and for all the question whether one saves time by cutting through the woods (yes one does, 45 seconds).

Shanna, the boys and I did deliver Steve some coffee this morning at the polling place he works at. Sometimes coffee is provided for the poll workers but cut backs I guess make this a thing of the past.
Turns out Daniel loves panna cotta (fancy name for white jello) too. Naomi wants to make it for Dontae. One of the simpler dishes one can make.

There was lots of frost everywhere this morning. Daniel went down a slide on his belly and was covered with snow. I wish I had a camera.

I didn't run until this afternoon. I could barely complete it without stopping.

Shanna leaves tomorrow.

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