Thursday, November 11, 2010

All quiet on the medical front

Naomi received an A on her final. She graduates from her mini-program tonight. Now she just needs to take the state test...

Both she and Maya had a doctor's appt today. I was puzzled why Naomi had to be seen but to be considered this physician's patient, she needed a baseline physical. Ms. Maya received 3 shots plus an oral dose of the Hib vaccine so she will probably be grumpy tonight. She is 16#14.4 oz and 27 " tall putting her at 96% for weight and off the charts for height. She does all the age appropiate baby tricks. She will need an ultrasound of her hip because in certain positions, the hip socket pops.

I needed to take Naomi when she was the same age for the same problem to a pediatric orthopedic specialist. It was my week of doctors. One day at the pediatric urologist as a follow-up for Shanna's surgery, another day with the same guy and all the tests for Naomi as she could have inheritied the same problem (she didn't) and I couldn't persuade them to take both girls on the same, that would just be too convenient. Then the day at the orthopedic clinic. Shanna's doctor also felt that she should spend some time with an orthopedic consult for her knock knees. She inherited them from her father who was able to do marathons at a good clip. Clearly knock-knees can be functional. I notice that Daniel sits the same way as she does: in between her legs folded to the side. I couldn't ever sit that way.
To mix it up, another day was spent in the burbs with my mom's oncologist weighing her options for her BC. My mom refused to make a decision: she told me to make it for her. They were just starting to do lumpectomies plus radiation instead of mastectomies. At that point of time, they had data only for 5 years out that the outcomes were identical. So Ma, do you still want your breasts and are you willing to drive here every day for 6 weeks?
We went with the lumpdectomy, radiation, and tamoxifen. She was told to stop the Premarin. Chemo was reserved for mets. She died of Alzheimer's 16 years later.

It is very pretty out today. Time for a walk. I already worked on my muscles at the Y. Not many were there.

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Nae said...

93% for weight. NOT 96.


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