Saturday, November 27, 2010


Past and present alopecia victims. A year ago, Daniel was similarly hair challenged as Ms. Maya. I don't think she's actually lost hair, it's just that her head grew so the same amount of hairs have to cover a greater area.
Maya's shirt reads I am as cute as my aunt.

Al-low-PEESH-a. What a pretty name, assuming you didn't know what it meant. Some medical conditions sound as disgusting as their names: smegma, rhinorrhea, carbuncle........but alopecia sounds almost nice.

Once in a support group, I was relating my trials with  alopecia when the moderator asked if I found my hair loss the hardest aspect of Cancerland.

No, not even close. The strong possibility of early, painful death trumps temporary hair loss anytime.

But what alopecia uncovered for me was a black spot the size of a dime on the side of my head. Melanoma? I asked my onc.She suggested a dermatology consult.
It was very windy walking from the parking lot to the office. My wig threatened becoming airborn. It was probably askew when I showed up immediately suggesting I was wearing a wig. Many times people complimented on my new hair not knowing it was a wig.

So you are here for your alopecia?

Um, no. I think I know why I have alopecia (Thank-you, Red Devil). It's this black spot that concerns me...
The upshot was that the black spot was biopsied and was found to be 'nothing' but several 'precancerous lesions' were found on my forehead. These were frozen off. Now they are back. Another thing to take care of.

No babies today as there are too many places the Bostonians need to be. Tomorrow they leave for Toronto for a medical procedure not approved yet  in the US for Ramy. It will be expensive as their insurance does not cover Canadian treatments but it is necessary according to the experts.

Just as I was finishing my run this morning, I was stopped to give directions. The woman thanked me telling me I was a good, good person.
Well at least someone thinks so.


Sara Williams said...

Hi Sue, I have missed reading your blogs but being out of cancer treatment, I am grabbing life! Anyway just wanted to check in on you and say hi. My running is doing well, almost up to 15 miles per week

Sara Williams said...

hey there! thanks for your reply! Life is amazingly brilliant being able to be a mum again and to be able to grip, run, ride, its truly amazing. My email is and I am on facebook sara diana Willaims x

Holly said...

i think so ARE a good, good person!!


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