Monday, November 1, 2010

Hard frost

A rare smile although she is smiling more often now

 It is late for the first hard frost but it came. Gone are my impatiens and morning glories. I have snapdragons and geraniums that are more hardy left. I think I saw an adult fox this morning but it was so far away. A car stopped for its crossing; I considered flagging the car  down to see if it was indeed a fox but didn't. The car seemed to stay stopped quite a while. Maybe the driver wasn't used to fox?

The days of the visit are coming to an end, much to my sadness. Yesterday was devoted to Halloween. We had brunch here that Josh and Julia came too. Julia is talking more and more about how she'd raise her mythical baby, good to hear, but seems to be around 2 years away. And these dates come and go. Josh tells me not to be greedy about acquiring grandkids: don't I have my plate full enough?

 We carved 4 pumpkins, dressed the babies up in costumes, took Oliver and Daniel out in our neighhood, especially to the houses where Shanna once babysat. Oliver did not seem concerned with all the scary objects our neighbors like to decorate their houses with and liked acquiring candy.  They left to go trick or treating with their cousins in Canton leaving Steve and I alone with just a few visitors. Naomi did not return as she said she would.
Tonight is our last dinner together. I am making all of Shanna's favorite foods:

Scallops with bacon
Asparagus (she's testing me on this one..I hate the stuff)
Panna Cotta

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