Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Test anxiety

Today my test anxiety did not concern results from mammograms but hoping that Naomi is prepared for tonight's final. I worry more about her taking tests than I ever did for tests I took myself. There is also a state test she'll have to take soon to be become licensed.

I quizzed her on everything to be covered all afternoon. She has already passed all the clinical procedures  and the pre-tests to get into the clinical program.

My day off from exercise yesterday made my morning's run that much easier though I ran through drizzle instead of the beautiful weather we had yesterday.

This evening I went to the monthly Cooking for Wellness for cancer survivors. Tonight's topic: flaxseed which presumably is full of cancer fighting substances. I really like the instructor, a 2 time BC survivor, and most of the usual crowd. I've made some of the recipes at home but I should cook much more healthily. Yesterday the other TNBC left in the waiting room asked me what steps I've made to ensure it doesn't come back. Ummmmm..trying to eat more fruit? She asked if I ever read what was in body creams: various forms of formaldehyde. So no skin products for her, no dairy, no hormone infested meat. My grandsons drink whole milk as opposed to the skim milk Steve and Naomi, when she's over, drink. Most of a gallon was left over to I made a huge batch of Arab style rice pudding with it. This would have horrified my waiting room companion, concentrated dairy. Worse, I took it over to Naomi today to eat.

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Kathy;Chris said...

your pudding sounds great. I'm sorry but i don't believe dairy causes cancer. Shoot me.. I'm also a big fan of raw milk...
Hand in there Sue!


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