Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vitamin D

Maya in her hospital gown. She kept grabbing at the clowns trying to pick them off. She will be 5 months old tomorrow. This weekend, she learned how to flip over.

A report came out today recommending that Americans and Canadians triple their Vitamin D intake to 600 IU. As there have been recent studies linking breast cancer to low Vitamin D levels, my onc had been telling me to take 2x500 IU/day in divided doses as she felt the body can only utilize so much at a time. Who knows what my Vit D blood levels were? Who knows what they are now? The divided dose business is a pain because the Vit D comes with calcium which in the past has bound up my thyroid medication rendering it useless and putting me into a severe hypothyroid state. Not fun. So I take the thyroid medication as soon as I get up and don't take the Vit D until noon. If I'm lucky, I'll remember to take the 2nd dose at night.

Exposure to sunlight is key to making the Vit D usable. I am out there, winter or not, daily so I think lack of sun exposure is not an issue for me. The panel's main impetus for its recommendations is preventing osteoporosis. Its deficiency is also linked to higher levels of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, various cancers including my favorite, and cognitive decline. So do people in the South have less of these conditions?
Can you take too much Vitamin D? Yes, around 10,000 IU, one is at risk for kidney stones and heart disease.

In other science news, there is a strong link between second hand smoke and hearing loss. Hmmm. Steve was exposed constantly growing up and he has moderate hearing loss. Could this be why?

It was in the 50s this morning. I ran in shorts. I feel so good running and especially after I finish. I'd go crazy if I couldn't run.

Tonight we will have dinner with Shanna's family. They are coming back from Canada as I type.

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Anonymous said...

My Onc takes my d3 level every 3 months. Went from 21 to 60 in a year.
I subscribe to Hester Hill's listserve and today information on dose dense chemo and the benefits for TNBCers, more so than for our hormone positive sisters.


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