Friday, June 30, 2017

My cabana

I saw this a week ago. Did I want it? First I went to other stores of the same chain to see if I could get it in another color. Nope. Could I buy it cheaper elsewhere? Nope. Could I get it home? Maybe. Unfortunately it did not fit in Shanna's van but they were able to strap it to the top of the van driving very carefully home. Kids love it
Maya will turn 7 tomorrow
Daniel and hibiscus
baby petunias
finally some poppies appeared from my 10 cent seeds
the girls loved trying on dresses at high end stores
miss lilac haired. I wish she would let it go to its natural red but lilac is an improvement over dull brown

I am in transitional mode: from my austere regimen to gradually introducing food in a manner
that I don't gain much back. For starters, I went out to lunch twice this week with Steve.
Groupons, gift certificates have been piling up while I  had avoided eating out. Total lost:
70.5 pounds which is a ridiculous amount. How did I get so fat? This is what I lost month
by month and then I will shut up about it.
Oct: 14.4 lb
Nov: 7.5 lb
Dec: 8.1 lb
Jan: 6..7 lb
Feb: 6.4
Mar: 6.2
Apr: 6.8
May: 6.0
June: 8.4

My peapods are ripe, tomatoes are 1 inch green balls, lots of lettuce, chard and kale to be
had. I spent one afternoon processing 12 cups of cut up rhubarb which baked down to a disappointing amount. My flower baskets are filling's pretty outside though right
now it is too hot and humid to enjoy being out there much.


Elephant's Child said...

Maya is rocking her purple outfit. I hope she has a wonderful birthday.
Congratulations again on your weight loss. A huge achievement and I should do the same.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

70 lbs is quite a lot to lose. I congratulate myself on 5 lbs. You should be very proud.


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