Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Allie and Hannah on Father's Day
She is finally tolerating others picking her up. Here she looks so much like baby Josh
squirrel doing gymnastics to get at the berries. At one point he was held up by just one foot
Graduate Tessa
The night I didn't fall asleep before sunset
Steve on Father's Day. He saw all the kids and grandkids except Maya who was being driven down to Florida
my water hyacinth is blooming! The water lilies are fake but maybe it's light enough for real ones
lettuce in my rabbit and deer proof enclosure

I have been getting up early to exercise before the heat gets too intense so I have been falling asleep before the sun sets (which is after 9:30 now). I hadn't even seen if the spotlights I bought are lighting up the house correctly until Sunday when a friend came over and stayed after sunset helping me adjust the lights. Well they look good now. Also I have been missing the fireflies but sitting on the porch that night, they came out and put on a beautiful display. No mosquitoes yet so maybe the drought has some advantages. Deerflies unfortunately are out in the heavily wooded section of my runs.

I did get up early that morning before dawn to bike despite the false prediction yet again of rain. However I did fight against some stiff winds so no personal best that day though the apple watch gave me more calories per mile as battling the wind caused my heartrate to rise.

I bought the water hyacinth a week ago. The nursery owner ( motto: We are so excited we wet our plants!) said I'd need sun for it to bloom but blooming it is. They come from the Amazon and in the South, is an obnoxious but pretty weed that clogs up waterways. It does not survive Northern winters (will keep it inside).

Maya is being driven through Trumpland to go to Disney World. So far they seem to have escaped the assholes that have been recently emboldened to attack interracial couples. I have been worrying for their safety.

And while she is gone, Naomi and a friend will fly to New Orleans soon. Unfortunately they will hit a typhoon.


Elephant's Child said...

Getting up early to beat the heat sounds super smart.
I hear you on the going to sleep early though. My eyes are rolling back before 4 at the moment (sunrise at 7) and staying awake for the day can be challenging.
Love the family pics.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

On the solstice, the sun comes up before 6 am where we are. Now the days are going to get shorter and shorter

If wasn't laying around in bed in the evening and was more active, I wouldn't fall asleep so early. but by then, I am beat.


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