Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trying on an old wedding dress

Can I fit into this dress yet? I am dancing with a co-worker here
Shanna's kids in their last week of school
Mr Rose breasted Grosbeak checking out our house. He does like service berries
his mate likes the suet


I found my wedding dress in a box in one of our closets. It wasn't a real wedding dress, more like a prom dress that I paid $100 for back in 1977. It smells of dust. I must not have realized I spilled something but the 40 years have converted whatever it was into an unsightly blotch. As it was made before size inflation, it is a ginormous size 11, which I could fit into this January. I think it is really like a modern day 6 or 7.

I am now 0.3 pounds from my 'goal'. So close. It is 10 pounds more than I weighed when I was married. Another goal was to weigh less than my husband, which would have been easy-peasy until he decided to drop 15 pounds since January. Why? He is very thin and a good 5 inches taller than me. So I am no longer 'fat' My BMI is 22.2. I should be happy. I have lost an unbelievable 67.5 pounds. I thought I could fit into the wedding dress but alas, I could not zip it up. Maybe pregnancy caused my breasts to expand (despite all the slicing and dicing due to cancer and reconstruction). It does fit around waist and hips. So I am thinking I need to change my goal. I naively thought I finally weighed less than him but no, he lost another 5 pounds.

No rain here. Every day, the weather warns of storms but nothing much happens. When I complained to a friend, she said, what am I talking about, it poured for hours... but not where I am. It is so hot, going outside is not fun. I exercise early in the morning and it is still hot.

I went to my cancer center's cooking for wellness last night. Usually at least half of us are breast cancer survivors but yesterday we had a lot of digestive cancers survivors and 4 different types of lymphoma survivors. Since most of the food is high in fiber (lots of fruits, vegetables, and beans) some of the digestive cancer people couldn't eat a thing. It is so hard to please everyone. The theme was energy giving food, not just energy from empty calories.


Kranhu said...

My goal for years was to weigh less than my husband. I gave up! He lost weight after his surgery in January while I was trying to do the same. He has been more successful :)Kris

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I've had friends that would say that they got so big during pregnancy that the could fit into their husbands' jeans. Ha, I would be lucky to fit into his jeans although I probably can because I don't think he ran out and bought new ones to fit his shrinking body. said...

Sue it's great to read your blog again I more or less drifted away for a time with all blogging but I'm back again...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I am glad you are back Alli. I think of you and wondered what had happened. Then I thought I got a reader from St. Catharine's. Could this me her? But it's a big place.

Japan huh. Well it will be a great place to visit him


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