Thursday, June 22, 2017

Flying into Typhoon Cindy

Water hyacinth was pretty for 2 days then sagged
Maya and her step-sister in Florida
lots of delphinium
coreopsis. Have several kinds
maltese cross

We have been watching the weather down south closely. Yesterday, Naomi's airline offered to rebook her tickets for a time that wasn't during the typhoon. However she can't cancel her prepaid b&b room and rearrange her vacation time. Plus she left while Maya was gone.

She flew to New Orleans anyway. Plane was on time; Uber quickly delivered them to the b&b but then no one answered the door or responded to texts. What to do? She told him when they were coming. Finally after calling me 3 times, he answered the door, let them drop off their stuff and told them to come back in 3 hours. Not friendly.

And it is sunny there for now though hot and humid. They are thrilled to be in NOLA and are out exploring.

After a few days of reasonable weather, it is hot and humid here too. Not much going on...just exercising and gardening.

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Elephant's Child said...

Not friendly at all. I hope the rest of their stay improves - or she can ignore him.


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