Thursday, June 8, 2017

Peonies and mountain laurel

Most of the mountain laurel was open

I particularly like this variety

only a bit of rhododendrons left. Azaleas gone a month ago 
poppies on the way. They are so pretty but the foliage looks yucky the rest of the summer. I just have California and a tiny variety

Steve and I went to the UM Arboretum yesterday to see the peony garden. Usually they have the peony festival around Father's Day but the peonies came early this year. The blooms have fallen off of mine. No where in the US do they have more varieties than here. Worldwide, either Japan or China has more varieties. Peonies love sun but in the Arb, they have a protected very shady glen devoted to rhododendrons, azaleas and my favorite, mountain laurel, which in general does not grow here as it is too cold but is all along the GAP trail in SW Pennsylvania (though if we go in August, we won't see it)

Today was a great day for a bike ride. Relatively wind free. The cool air felt good against my poison ivy lesions, which look hideous. They are now the worst they are going to get. Let the healing begin.

2.5 pounds to go! Will that be enough? Steve asked, what happens then? Do I start eating everything in sight? No, I will gradually add food. I won't go to bed hungry again.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love the peonies and mountain laurels.
Some day I will succeed in growing peonies. Some day...


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