Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wonder Woman

Maya happy at a trampoline birthday party with her constant companion C
love-in-the-mist spreading all over Have some dark blue blossoms too
and this...evening primrose. I tried to grow it at the old house (I did grow successfully the larger yellow version) but here it spreads all over the place
both service berry trees full of these fruit lovers
we went out to dinner with Josh's family the other night. Hannah still screams in terror if I try to pick her up
two males face off at dawn
Daniel's school has a thriving barn swallow colony. Ours abandoned our porch nest. Just as well as it was messy

It is so hot and humid. Eagerly awaiting a thunderstorm that hopefully will cool things down. I go running before 7 and in the shade to avoid the worst heat. Unfortunately the deer flies have hatched and are following me around. They are too slow to bite me. I slap my head before they can but I come home full of dead bug parts.

Usually I am not a fan of comic book heroes (or heroines)  that come to life in movies but I did enjoy the 3D version of Wonder Woman yesterday. Nice to have a strong woman figure for a change. We sat for almost a half hour of previews showing depressing dystopias..nothing I would like to see. Most of them were based on comic book heroes too.

Two pounds to go. Do I look like I want to? Nope but some of the changes are due to ageing. Can't do much about that.

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Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Evening Primroses are one of my favorite spring flowers. They spread like wildfire here and before you know it, they have taken over. Every year I pull out about half but they come back. They always look so pretty and until the constant showers of spring, they are a wonder to see and enjoy. When a day comes when the heat lowers, I will be back cutting the dead away and covering them with mulch. Some will appear again in the fall.


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