Sunday, July 2, 2017

A day at the beach

The birthday girl got to hold Hannah
The girls walking to the beach
acting silly in the car on the way
they took turns burying each other in sand
new dress for Maya
later birthday cake with some of the cousins
With Aunt Shanna
playing dress up
We bought Maya a floating frog: good news, does not need to be blown up. Bad news, heavy when saturated with water
the girls had fun floating on it

wouldn't support two of them though

We had almost perfect weather this weekend, almost perfect as it sprinkled on us though the sun was shining at the lake and we could hear very distant thunder. Unfortunately, Allie is phobic about loud noises and screamed bloody murder. She had to be taken to her car until the thunder could not be heard. For Maya's birthday, she wanted to spend time with her girl cousins particularly Tessa who is closer in age.

The water was clear enough to see schools of minnows swimming around their legs. The girls played nicely together. This lake is quite shallow for at least 30 feet so it was safe letting them splash around.

Josh treated us to dinner. By that time, Naomi's travelling partner had joined us. Then home to have cake and presents. Shanna and the boys joined us there.

I have had to abandon my favorite Sunday morning loop. They blew up a bridge I depend on this week and it won't be replaced until the end of summer. Rats. So I tried a new route. I wanted to bike across the state recreation area we had went swimming at the day before. There were hints that I could approach it from the western edge and take a path into the park. I looked all over the place for that magic access point. All I could find was a mile long single track mountain bike trail that was steep, sandy, and full of poison ivy and tree roots. Not pleasant at all going on it and I wasn't sure if I ever would hit pavement. I finally found a mountain biker who told me I had another quarter of a mile to go. I tried to avoid the poison ivy. It takes two days to react to it so fingers crossed. Instead of my 32.5 mile loop, it was close to 47 miles or even more as my odometer wasn't functioning in the woods. Oh well, I need to get used to the distance but I hadn't eaten so I was getting sort of weak.

Early in the ride I found a wallet in the middle of the road. The owner must have had his license all of one week before losing it. When I got back, I did some detective work to find this 16 year old. He had all sorts of privacy settings on his Facebook  account so I am not sure if that message will ever get through to him. Fortunately he has a very unusual last name, easy to trace. He had a house phone. Eventually I got a hold of his mother who seemed to expect me to deliver the wallet to her. Nope, they can come get it. Was he grateful? Not particularly. I assumed he had left his wallet on the roof of his car as it fell off within a half mile of his house. He said his seatbelt was stuck in the door so he opened it in the middle of the road and somehow the wallet fell to the pavement. Not sure he even knew it was gone.  Oh well, my good deed for the day.


Elephant's Child said...

The birthday celebrations look delightful.
Sigh on the mother who is instilling a sense of 'entitlement' in her boy. Of course you will bring his wallet to him...

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful.

Stupid kid, not for losing his wallet but for not showing gratitude when it was returned to him.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

His lack of gratitude stunned me. No thank you. Like it was my job to scoop up wallets on the road. And there was money in it too. But someone was kind enough a few years back to pick up Steve's fanny pack which he left on top of our car while buying gas and it fell in the street. We went back and forth trying to find it. The finder figured out it was ours and flashed their headlights. Everything was in that bag: phone, this was my way of thanking that man in Indiana (yep we were on vacation)

Teri Bernstein said...

Wow, those beach pics look great! I hope you all had a really fun day. You look great, BTW.

I have returned three wallets in my time--two with multiple hundreds of dollars in them. Only the no-money return was greeted with any amount of gratitude. Go figure.

As for the poison ivy situation--do you already know about poison ivy urushiol and ammonia? It really works as a Plan B...when one thinks one has been exposed...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

It was another 2 hours before I got home after possibly being exposed to poison ivy. I was brushing up against sumac too. Still not sure what poison sumac looks like and if it grows with regular sumac. But it is 3 days later and no lesions though parts of me feel itchy. The woods I run through can be buggy.

I will try windex the next time I think I expose myself. Meanwhile I have 3 big vines growing in various parts of my garden I have to deal with. Waiting until it is cool and moist so I can suit up.


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