Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Fourth

She turned 6 months on the 4th. We were to watch her and her sister tonight so her parents can celebrate their 4th but alas, she is sick

they had their 4th picnic and we had ours

the orange tubes to the left are part of a recovering cigar plant. Hummers love them
bee balm and evening primrose
bee balm is also know as bergamot, the oil that flavors Earl Grey tea

In the morning, I love to lounge on my new cabana chair on the patio facing all my flower planters while I sip coffee and watch the birds. I have my waterfalls on too. I've been getting up early to exercise before it gets too hot. Right now it is 89 but hopefully the next week will be cool. I am running much faster but now that my watch is tracking every move by GPS, I see how slow I must have been before. I was hoping to be even faster. But now I am truly running, not doing some spastic, arm swinging race walking.

I visited my friend who right now is in the hospital having a possible fungal lung infection checked out. We watched Precious, a 8 year old movie I never saw before about a hopeless, overweight Harlem girl who finally finds kindness and self-respect. Her abusive mother was played by a great actress, who really deserved her academy award.

On the Fourth, we cooked on the grill for Shanna and Naomi's family. The kids loved playing in the cabana chair. We had it facing away from us for some privacy. It was a nice day.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow, a trip to the beach wit a bicycling buddy.


Elephant's Child said...

Love your colourful garden. A haven of beauty.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

thank you EC. It is fun making baskets and rearranging the flowers as they grow.


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