Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Graffiti Alley

Maya and I. Note to self: learn to hold arms in such a way that pruning is not so evident

red yarrow
various sedums stuffed into a watering can

Near Maya's treatment place is Graffiti Alley, a favorite back drop for photos though probably not safe at night as there appears to be many street people taking shelter there along with young people and drug stuff. Maya's physician recommended behavioral therapy for her ADHD along with the drugs. There was a long waiting list at UM but finally there is a slot. Maya needs to be there in the building for insurance reasons but so far the therapy consists of them interviewing Naomi while I entertain Maya in another room. We finished very close to rush hour, which is especially unpleasant near Naomi's place with the numerous road closures. I think I could have run home faster. I did go by my old house. The whole front yard is bull dozed up. Gone are all my gardens. I wish I had saved more stuff.

My friend and I set up my new tent, which was very easy. But it started to rain so we didn't take it down. It is drying in my garage. It should make our life easier on the camping/bike trip next week. Then we drank wine and watching fireflies and hummingbirds.

It has been so hot and humid the last few days. So hard to exercise but I think the last round of storms cooled things down. Unfortunately I couldn't get home from the bike shop in time so my carefully cleaned bike is probably covered with road grime again.

Tonight's subject at the cooking class is 'gluten-free' Very few people are actually sensitive to it but numerous people think they are.

And I did get poison ivy again though the mildest case ever. I thought I was being so careful.. Maybe I looked at it too hard.

Below are some of Naomi's engagement photos in Graffiti Alley. They would not be holding hands these days.


Elephant's Child said...

Hey Slim - I suspect you are the only one who sees the 'pruning'.
Far too many people climb on the gluten free bandwagon. I understand that because of that, some restaurants are less careful with the gluten free meals and people who are genuinely affected have had bad reactions. One restaurant owner talked about people ordering gluten free mains and finishing off with cake.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

That looks like a very cool place. The picture of you and Maya is lovely.


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