Monday, July 24, 2017

Cherryland extras

Stormclouds the first night
Beulah is Beaulahful
on top of the dune climb looking at Glen Lake
filled in well at the Cat Head Bay lighthouse
Leland Dam
Tandem Cidery
Sutton Bay glass
more glass

Our soiree setting in TC
the golden hour
cute farm building
Leland blue though mine is more green  From iron ore slag

Rocks one could find on the beach. I sat in shallow water sifting through


Elephant's Child said...

LOVE the glass. And have spent many hours sifting through rocks - my father was an amateur gemnologist.

Kat&Chris said...

That glass shop looks fantastic! Hope you had room to bring home a souvenir.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Alas no. We got to Sutton's Bay before it was open and a storm was threatening to hit, so off to Traverse City. Plus no room to carry stuff except very small things.
Is that x-press way open that bypasses Grand Rapids?


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