Saturday, July 15, 2017

I've been a mom for 38 years

the day she came home

7 months

13 months

30 months

13 years

With Steve's parents. Almost 3




17 with kindergarten Naomi

with baby sister 9 years later

catching the bouquet

with her own baby boys

an hour before Tessa appeared
back at the ranch: tiger lilies beginning to open. Hope they will be there when I come back

It is the day of birthdays. Not only is it my oldest daughter Shanna's birthday, it is my daughter-in-law's also, exactly a year younger. And one of the Chosen Sister's daughters was born today.

Ten days late. How those last days dragged on. And I had pre-eclampsia causing me to gain 10 pounds of fluid each day only to pee it out all night. It was a hot summer and we had no air conditioning. No more summer babies I vowed. Giving birth  was an eye opening experience. I dutifully took Lamaze in which the word 'pain' was never used so we would not have 'anticipatory pain'. The downside of that thinking is when one does feel pain, you figure something is terribly wrong or that you are the biggest wuss there is. Also they make you feel like a child abuser if you do take drugs because each one negatively affects the baby. No drugs, I told myself but it wasn't long until I was begging for them. Too early, I was told. If we give them to you now, the labor will stop which didn't sound all that bad to me. I ended up with no drugs because once she dropped, everything fell into place and I could deal with the pain.

The new policy is 24 hours and out for uncomplicated births. I was there 4 days because I kept bleeding and bleeding even after my transfusion. I couldn't lift my head I was so weak. But I met one of the Chosen Sisters, who was my 2nd roommate. Small world, she had lived in the same suburb as I had. At one point, our best friends were sisters.

Shanna was the sweetest, easiest baby. She was a clever little girl. We did go through some rough patches due to her health issues and then adolescence. But that all passed and I am so happy that she and her children live so close. They will be here soon so we can watch the kids while she and her husband celebrate.

Tomorrow we leave for the bike trip. It looks like we will have good weather. I am mostly packed but I am always stressed right before leaving. Did I forget something? Is that bike rack going to hold our bikes safely? Also, how do I handle my diet, which is for the most part, done but I do not want to be gaining it all back. We will bike around 300 miles.

New toys this week: a solar water fountain which is in my bird bath and the Echo Dot. Alexa already told me I mispronounced her name.

Last night was our Chosen Sister's night. A beautiful night with good friends and good food. My contribution: roasted rhubarb tart. I added a few raspberries so I guess it was a raspburb tart.

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Elephant's Child said...

Beautiful photos of your girl.
I was a summer baby. The only one born in Australia, and in a long hot summer.
Enjoy your trip. I suspect you will be consuming a LOT of calories and the diet may not be the issue you fear.


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