Tuesday, December 17, 2013

X-mas Chair

Steve enjoying some Xmas chair
Years ago I bought Steve a pleather recliner to replace a stylish Swedish leather chair that broke in half not long after my obese father sat on it. Rare for me, I actually bought a guarantee from the furniture store for the new recliner against such things. I am not sure if the guarantee worked for impossible to clean ingrained grime though a bottle of pleather cleaner (doesn't work) was thoughtfully included in the package. I think I promptly lost all the paperwork, which I guess the company bets for. As it was very comfortable, Steve spends many hours reading in it when he isn't in his 'office', our dining room table on the computer (he leaves my computer in the actual den alone). Anyway, the chair looks gross. I tried to buy a slip cover for  but could never find one that fit well. It remained an embarrassment for me among many in our house that given all the time we presumably have, we should address, but inertia is a powerful force. Also given that it was still comfortable and functional, we both have a strong waste not, want not tendency. So it stayed.

Apparently it was an embarrassment for the kids too or at least a strong signal THEY NEED A NEW CHAIR. So for early x-mas, a chair arrived. It was supposed to come while we were gone. Naomi's contribution was to await the delivery and signal Josh to come set it up which is why they were both there when we came home. But there was a snag and the chair came yesterday instead. As this is leather and dark, grime should not appear so quickly. Also it doesn't swivel which is a plus as the grandkids like to swivel knocking things down like the lamp though it was Steve who by swiveling has broken two lamps. And it is much larger so another source of embarrassment can be put to rest, this cheap card table Steve insists on keeping next to the chair. No room for it now, c'est dommage.

Stupid Electra and  the city who is real slow to clean up after her. After 2 days of not running, I finally went out yesterday despite the 15 degrees. It was sunny and calm however so that helps. Also the nearby business park does keep things plowed so yay for them.A boring route but much better than a treadmill or a running track. It felt good to have the endorphins flood my sorry self again. More snow today but as today is a Y day, assuming I can find a parking spot, I can go inside.

I did drive Sunday on a narrow, slippery path to resume watching House of Cards. Oh that slimy Francis so well played by Kevin Spacey! Michigan has become roundabout happy. I needed to go through 3 of them to reach my destination, one of which is a deluxe roundabout with separate lanes separated by curbs making t-boning impossible. The problem was on my return around midnight when the designated left turn lane, the direction I needed to go, was filled with 6 foot drifts. Given the time of night, I couldn't really be stranded there. So I went the wrong way trying to cross over into the correct lane but instead I hit a hidden curb. Ugh! Well there seems to be no damage.

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I havent watched the US version, but the BBC version with Ian Richardson was excellent! Kris


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