Monday, December 30, 2013

It is wewe wewe cold today.

My lazy self says I've been running and biking for the past 4 days, time for a rest. Inner nag says today is the best it's going to be for the next week. Although it was 18 degrees outside, this is warm compared to what it is going to be. And now the roads are mostly clear. So I went out

More baby-sitting. Last night Maya (though her mom was around but  Naomi figures that we should do the care giving). Tonight Tessa, the easy one. Tomorrow Allie again and maybe Maya.

Yesterday Shanna's family visited. Oliver is now putting his thoughts on paper. Inability to spell doesn't stop him. One note said: Today is wewe wewe cold.

There were other notes using the puzzling wewe. Finally it was figured out that all the wewes were reallys as he pronounces all rs and ls as ws.

And more shopping today. Got a jump start on the next Xmas.

Our Christmas ham was reduced to ham salad, finally gone, and the bone used as a base for black-eyed pea soup, an alleged New Year's treat. Still lots of soup. The cookies are slowly disappearing too.

And yesterday, too much fun fiddling around with Photofunia. One more creation:

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